Getting to know Chile's wineries in a new way: Compass Wine app

This new app offers information and offline maps for 90% of Chile's wineries showing all the valleys. Beyond wine, the free app also recommends restaurants, hotels and activities on the wine route.

If you are planning to visit Chile's wine valleys and beautiful wineries there is a new way you can discover the way to get there, with a handy app! Compass Wine is a new app dedicated to Chile's wine routes showing each of the valleys and their wineries with useful offline information and maps.

Beyond wineries it also has recommended restaurants, hotels and attractions in the wine regions so you can discover more to Chile. With the help of CORFO, Chilean Enrique Rodríguez made the app which includes over 90% of the wineries in the country across 14 valleys.

"Compass Wine is the first app 100% dedicated to wine tourism and was born through a vision that this was missing in Chile and we could create it. This is how we noticed that a complete register of wineries didn't exist, and because we like wine and we had already done an app using geolocation, we started to make the app and the interest of wineries increased as well. Today we have 14 valleys and in each one there is at least one winery highlighted."


Compass Wine is available on App Store and Google Play.