Chile's exponential growth in Asia

Chile's wines are garnering increasing fans in the far east.

In the last few months, many drinks publications have been talking about Chile beating France to the post as the most imported wine in Japan- with over 6.12 million cases exported to Japan in 2015. Although it is becoming evident that neighbouring countries have a taste for Chilean wine too.
"Asia is the leading region in terms Chile's growth," says Wines of Chile's Asia Director Julio Alonso. "During 2015 we grew in value by 47% in China, 17% in Japan, and 1% in South Korea compared to 2014."
Part of the reason for growth in Japan is down to the work Wines of Chile has been doing with the Japan Sommelier Association. It is good news in South Korea too where the wine growth has been particularly focused in the premium wine sector, with a 7% growth in the volume of wines over $40USD a case. 
China has also seen a big growth in premium wine arriving to their shores. Chile's exports of cases worth over $40 grew by 36%.
"The growth and the focus in Asia has been part of Wines of Chile's solid plan on building its brand and being recognised for high quality, premium wines," added Julio Alonso.