Chilean Government officially announces 4 September as Chilean National Wine Day

As a homage to Chilean wine, and a recognition of the importance of the industry in the country, 17 viticulture associations worked together to establish the official Chilean National Wine Day


Chile celebrated its first National Wine day on 4 September, a date that was chosen to celebrate 500 years of the history of wine in Chile. On 4 September in 1545, Pedro de Valdivia wrote to King Carlos V in Spain asking for ‘vines and wines to evangelise Chile’, opening the doors to a future activity that would become one of the most important commercial and economical activities of the country.

The government of Chile, conscious of this significance of the wine industry as a great generator of jobs in the national agriculture sector, and of its emblematic importance - reaching over 1,800,000 consumers around the world, decided to officialise the celebration by law. The degree was signed at Cousiño Macul winery at 11am on 4 September, in the presence of many government officials and representatives of each of the different viniculture institutions.


Throughout the week, there were many initiatives across Chile, with more than 45 wineries offering free tastings, and promotions and special events in bars and restaurants around Chile for the first annual wine day.


The associations and institutions that signed are:


Asociación Gremial Agrícola Central

Asociación Nacional de Sommeliers de Chile A.G.

Asociación de Vinos de Chile A.G.

Asociación de Viticultores y Viñas de Casablanca

Asociación Gremial de Vinos de Curicó y Maule

Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros Agrónomos Enólogos

Círculo de Cronistas Gastronómicos y del Vino de Chile A.G.

Cofradía al Mérito Vitivinícola de Chile

Corporación Chilena del Vino

Enoturismo Chile

Fundación Imagen de Chile

Les Toques Blanches

Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes MOVI A.G.

Ruta del Vino Valles de Curicó

Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura

VIGNO Vignadores de Carignan A.G.

Ruta del Vino del Valle del Maule

Viñas de Colchagua A.G.