I & D Consortium presented its advances to Corfo

Last Thursday, November 30th, the Consortium R + D Vinos de Chile, made a presentation of his R & D project half-year monitoring report, co-financed by Corfo, in the offices of this body. In the occasion, together with the general presentation of the full program progress by the Consortium manager, Patricio Parra, there were two other presentations of specific projects of the Sustainability and Vineyard Improvement Program.

The researchers Claudio Alister, of the Pesticides Project, and Maribel Rojas, of the Project of Clonal Selection, presented the advances and challenges of its research lines. In the activity, more than 20 people participated, including professionals from the Consortium, Corfo, SAG, ODEPA and MINAGRI.

At the end of the activity, which lasted for more than three hours, Corfo and the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture thanked the presentations and congratulated the Consortium team and their associated researchers, for the successful progress and the interesting achievements made to date.