Wines Of Chile presents its 2025 strategy

Wines of Chile is now focusing on its 2025 strategy, and looking towards the challenges and opportunities in the coming decade. Together with Pro Chile and Fundación Imagen País, Wines of Chile presented the 2025 strategy in Santiago, Chile, last week.

With a vision to consolidate itself as the Number 1 producer of premium, sustainable and diverse wines in the New World, Wines of Chile will be focusing on positioning its denomination of origin and overall industry development in order to raise the average price and demand of Chilean wine abroad and increase its competitive edge based on 4 pillars: quality and diversity, sustainability, innovation and country image.

In order to reach these objectives, Wines of Chile defined four strategic actions over the next few years:

Firstly, it will promote a portfolio of quality wines with premium prices to millenials, and key opinion leaders and influencers in the key markets; with a goal of strengthening and increasing awareness, and positioning better quality and diversity in Chilean wine.

As the second pillar, Wines of Chile will make a permanent monitoring of the characteristics and behaviour of different sectors of consumers in each priority market. The goal is to generate an insight and intelligence on each market identifying key features and experiences.

The third pillar of the strategy relates to the integration and communication of different actors in the sector, with a unity between actions of promotion and education in national wine. And the fourth priority is focused on the development of a competitive edge in the sector through sustainability, technology transference and the development of skills.

Currently, there are 62 vineyards in adherence with the Sustainability Code of Wines of Chile, which means 70% of bottled export wines have this certification. There is also a plan being developed to identify the necessities of specialised program development to train human resources and respond to the demands of the sector.

"In recent years we have had a very important progress in the markets, generating new poles of development and bringing new consumers into the category,” said Mario Pablo Silva, President of Wines of Chile. "However we face strong competition from other producing countries who are also investing in and developing their market and promotion strategies. We were working on a 2020 strategy which allowed us to sort out some difficulties and grow in difficult times. Today we are presenting the 2025 strategy for the national wine industry, defining our vision and the mission of the industry. Chile is the biggest New World exporter of wines, a situation which we want to maintain so that we position ourselves in the rest of the world as a reference for the premium sector."