Wine Enthusiast Editor visits Chile

Wine Enthusiast's South America Editor, Michael Schachner, recently visited Chile on a trip to discover more wines and vineyards. He shares his thoughts on Chilean wine with us.

Wine Enthusiast is one of the best known wine magazines in the US and its South America editor Michael Schachner recently visited Chile to explore some of its vineyards for a new feature. Over 8 days he visited different wine regions across the country and tasted hundreds of wines with producers. We caught up with him on the road to get his impressions on Chile's wine scene at the moment:

"There is a new, pioneering young generation of winemakers in Chile, who are going back in time to make interesting wines from the oldest vineyards in the country. It is not an easy job; It requires many hours of travel and a lot of effort, but the potential of adding wines like Carignan, Cinsault, Muscat and Riesling to the already established line of varieties and blends of Chile, shows that Chile is progressive and not just Cabernet Sauvignon.

"I think Carignan from Maule is bright, fresh and probably the wine from the South with the most commercial potential. I am excited to see that Carignan can make a dent in the US market.

"I think Cinsault from Itata, with its characteristic red fruit and light to medium body, can be seen as Chile's answer to Cru Beaujolais. And Itata itself is a beautiful place that looks like no other wine region in Chile. It is a very cool place that I had never thought much of before a year ago.

"Muscat and Riesling have a long way to go, but I liked what I tried.

"Overall it was an eye opening experience and now I feel, that with the exception of Elqui, I have seen almost everything that Chile has to offer."