Wines of Chile launches on Japan the campaign of Sparkling Wine Chile

Wines of Chile and ProChile made the official launch of the Chile’s Sparkling Wine Campaign in Tokyo. The event chaired by the Commercial Director of Wines of Chile, Angelica Valenzuela, and the Director for Asia, Julio Alonso, was assisted by the Ex-President Mr. Eduardo Frei, Ambassador of Chile Mr. Gustavo Ayares and the Pro Chile’s director, Mr. Alejandro Buvinic.

The activity was carried out in the Wall and Wall Tokyo cultural center in the exclusive Ginza neighborhood and was carried out in 3 stages; being the first oriented to professionals, the second to journalists and the third to Japanese consumers and influencers. The select group of 150 people enjoyed the Sparkling Wines of Chile, the communication campaign, DJ and graphic artists making a live mural.

The sectoral brand, product of the collaboration between Wines of Chile and ProChile, it’s launched in Japan given that 65% of the sparkling wine exports goes to this market. The campaign will have a strong digital component aimed especially at millennials, a segment with the highest consumption potential.

The campaign "A NATURAL FRESH LIFE" will begin in November on various social networks, which will seek to highlight the differentiating attributes of the Chilean sparkling wine, under the concepts of fresh, natural and young tones.