Casablanca wineries celebrate an award-winning night & look forward to GWC 2017

The Great Wine Capitals 2017 Awards were announced earlier this month in Chile's international wine capital, Casablanca and Valparaiso, with several winners. The winning restaurant in the wine region went on to win the international trophy on 10 November.

In the third edition of Casablanca & Valparaiso's Great Wine Capitals Awards, several wineries and tourism attractions took home gold and silver trophies for their achievements in wine tourism, sustainability and culture.

The awards evening took place on 2 November in Portofino restaurant in Valparaiso and attendees included local press and representatives from the wine industry and municipalities of Valparaiso and Casablanca. The award entried were all judged by a panel of specialists in tourism and journalism, and they announced the winners that evening:

Gold: Viña Matetic

Gold: Viña Matetic
Silver: Casa Vander

Gold: Portofino
Silver: Casas del Bosque

Architecture and Landscape:
Gold: Parque Cultural Valparaíso
Silver: Viñamar

Wine Services:
Gold: Casas del Bosque
Silver: Matetic

Art and Culture:
Gold: Palacio Baburizza
Silver: Parque Cultural Valparaíso

Gold: Estancia el Cuadro
Joint Silver: Casa del Bosque
Joint Silver: Viña Catrala

Each winner went forward to the international awards on 10 November competing against category winners from the other wine capitals: Adelaide/South Australia; Bilbao/Rioja; Bordeaux; Cape Town/Cape Winelands; Mainz/Rheinhessen; Mendoza; Porto; and San Francisco/Napa.

Casablanca's winning restaurant, Portofino, went on to win the Best Restaurant in the international competition too. Now giving it the international title for 2017. Congratulations to all the Casablanca winners, and to Portofino for the international trophy!

There was more good news announced at the international awards evening, as the Great Wine Capitals Internationa Awards will be held in 2017 in Casablanca! This will be the first year that Chile has hosted the international awards and representatives from all the other wine capitals will unite in Casablanca and Valparaiso to celebrate the winners and enjoy Chilean wine country. The annual meeting will be in Casablanca in November 2017 - more details to come.

By Amanda Barnes