Wines of Chile collaborating on sustainability with Geisenheim University in Germany

The sustainability arm of Wines of Chile, I+D Consortium, has signed an important collaboration agreement with Geisenheim University in Germany.

The research agreement is one of the most significant worldwide, with the objective to promote development,  create opportunities in sustainable production and support innovation. The agreement is in line with the strategic development of Wines of Chile and its four pillars: diversity and quality, country image, sustainabilty, and innovation. It is also a great opportunity for technical collaboration, academic and scientific, and reflects the significant commitment of the wine industry to innovation.

The agreement establishes new sustainable actions like:

  • energy efficiency
  • plans for plague and disease control
  • innovation and technology in productive processes
  • extension of technical information
  • investigation and training programs in the wine industry

"This agreement allows us to count on the collaboration of renowned researchers and opens up the possibility to form highly trained and qualified human resources," says Patricio Parra, Director of the I+D Consortium. "It will be mutually benefical and support investigation in sustainability and quality of wine."

The agreement was signed by a German delegation of 60 people, including businessmen, politicians and researchers, led by Mr Volker Bouffier, President of Hessen, and Dr Hans Schultz, President of Hochschule Geisenheim University. In the ceremony Wines of Chile President Mario Pablo Silva; Wines of Chile Director Claudio Cilveti; and Director of I+D Wines of Chile Patricio Parra also participated alongside Manager of Technical Training for CORFO Marcela Angulo.