Euroasian tour looks promising for a free trade agreement with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia

Wines of Chile's General Director Claudio Cilveti has been working at reaching a free trade agreement with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Chile currently has 26 fair trade agreements with 65 countries, representing 95% of its exportations, and Wines of Chile Director Claudio Cilveti hopes that he might be able to add another to Wines of Chile's portfolio with a budding relationship with Russia, Belarus, Kazakstan and Armenia.

Most of Chile's wine exports to these countries are focused in Russia, with 96% of the regional wine exports going there, making Russia the 14th most important wine market for Chilean wine exports. However it remains the only country within the top 14 export countries that isn't part of a free trade agreement.

Wines of Chile has been talking with the Euroasian Union to try and change that and promote more Chilean wine and products in the region. Working alongside ProChile, a special exhibition 'Flavours of Chile' was presented to these countries to show the great gastronomical offer of Chile.

"This agreement will grant Chilean wine a competitive and privileged position, as it will strengthen our commercial relationship with a market of over 150 million inhabitants, which can bring many benefits for our national wine industry," explained Claudio Cilveti.