Wines Of Chile takes part in Chile Week China 2016

Chile Week China was a big event this year promoting Chilean industry and wine in one of the fastest growing wine markets in the world, here's our roundup of the events.

The second edition of Chile Week China 2016, a week-long event promoting all aspects of Chilean industry in China, culminated in Beijing on 2 September. As well as wine, the focus was on Chile's food and drinks industry, tourism, financial services and attractive investment opportunities in Chile.

During the event, Wines of Chile, headed up by Commercial Director Angelica Valenzuela, also played a significant role in this event which saw more than 200 Chilean businessmen, academics, students and governement representatives attend. This year was also a celebration of the 10 year Free Trade Agreement Chile and China share, and the event reaffirmed the strong commercial bond between both countries.

During a week of activities, a handful of events focusing on the final consumer were some of the highlights. This included the Mall Grand View visit where Chilean products were on show for consumers in Guangzhou. As well as stands of products and brands on sale, there were cultural and tourism stands promoting Chilean heritage and its tourism attractions.

There was also a Chile Week on the Boat in the Pearl River, aimed at authorities, businessmen, specialised press and bloggers specialising in food and drinks, society, and lifestyle. A special reception with Chilean drinks and foods were a highlight, and Wines of Chile had its own special bar to give attendees a taste of Chilean wine.

Another well-recieved activity was Jeannie Cho Lee's masterclass on 'Chile's most desirable wines, offering diversity and quality'. The seminar focused on the diversity of Chile's wines, led by Asia's first Master of Wine and top journalist (writing for Decanter, Forbes) and wine book author.

During the week there was also the launch of a Chilean online wine store on, the second biggest B2C electronical commerce platform in the world.

Chile Week proved once again to be an invaluable platform to strengthen the commercial bond between China and Chile, and showcase some of Chile's delicious wines to local consumers.