Hold the front page: Chile makes the cover of Vintages

For the first time in recent history, Chile has been featured on the front page of one of Eastern Canada's top wine publication, Vintages.

Wines of Chile Canada has been working in close collaboration with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) for many years to bring a great variety of Chilean wines to Eastern Canada, and this month that relationship has taken front page as Chile is featured on the cover of LCBO's wine magazine, Vintages.

Chile didn't just make the cover though, this also marks the largest ever single release of Chilean wines in Vintages - the premium sales channel of the LCBO. Fourteen premium wines are featured in the September 3rd Vintages Release Catalogue including a "Benchmark" feature wine. It is also the first time that Ontario wine consumers are being introduced to Chile's viti-vinicultural zones (Costa, Entre Cordillera and Andes). 

"The LCBO’s Vintages department applauds this new initiative of Wines of Chile in showcasing, in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner, the new viti-vinicultural zones. This fits well with our strategy of helping Ontario consumers to better understand the distinct winemaking zones defined by Chile’s unique topography. We would encourage and welcome taking this initiative to the next level where all Chilean wines are labelled to reflect these three zones," says Ann Patel, Product Manager, New World Wines at Vintages LCBO.

The Vintages Release Catalogue is an information-rich publication targeted to Ontario's fine wine enthusiasts as well as licensee customers. The catalogue is mailed directly to a subscriber list of over 47,000 with an additional 21,000+ copies available in-store. The wines of the release will be distributed through the LCBO 600+ store network as well as online.

If you are in Eastern Canada, this is your time to explore Chilean wine! Salud!

To read the full edition click here!