Chile voted best Adventure Tourism Destination second year running!

For the second year in a row, Chile was picked as the best Adventure Tourism Destination country in Latin America in the World Travel Awards.

Known as the Oscars in tourism, the World Travel Awards are very coveted titles - and Chile takes home Best Adventure Tourism Destination once again as it tops the polls for South America's tourism destinations.

With an outstanding natural landscape Chile has a huge diversity in attractives that offer thrill-seekers a trip to remember: from mountains and lakes, to surf and dunes. From the dry and sunny Atacama desert, down to the snow-laden and icy tips of Patagonia.

"Tourism plays a fundamental role in positioning Chile on an international level, being one of the emblematic aspects of the construction of our country image," says Miriam Gomez, the Executive Director of Fundacion Imagen de Chile. "This is why this distinction is very important, and it joins so many others we have recently achieved: being on Forbes' list for the 10 adventure destinations 2016, valuing Valle del Elqui as one of the 52 places to visit in the world according to The New York Times, and Lonely Planet's choice of the Atacama Desert as one of the 10 regions in the world to know."

"This recongnition is tremendously important because it sets us out as a global tourism destination and we have a valuable opportunity to help people know our nature and attractions that Chile offers in the adventure tourism area."

If you love travel and adventure, add Chile to your bucketlist today!

By Amanda Barnes