James Suckling: "The time for Chilean wine is now"


James Suckling's fifth trip to Chile in three years has produced one his best reports, yet. 84% of wines tasted scored 90 points plus. Read his intro below and click to read his full article.

"There’s never been a better time to buy Chilean wine. I recently took my fifth trip to Chile in three years to score nearly 800 wines and found that a large majority of wines (601 out of 715) were worthy of 90 points or more! An additional 41 wines were 95 points or more. Most were tasted blind at the W Hotel in Santiago with my team, though I did make a few day trips, including ones to Valle de Colchagua and Puente Alto.

Indeed, hundreds of outstanding quality wines are entering the market. It doesn’t hurt that the current vintages available, especially for reds, are fantastic – mostly 2013, 2014, and 2015. In fact, there has not been a bad vintage in years, although 2017 is questionable due to an exceptionally small crop and large scale forest fires in the country that may have tainted some wines. The quality-price ratio is also hard to ignore: highly rated Chilean bottles that cost $15 to $30 a bottle in the United States can easily compete with European or Californian counterparts that would cost three to four times as much."

Download the article... then pick up some Chilean wines to enjoy with this weekend's BBQ!