Best sommelier of Japan 2017 in Chile!

On April 11th and 12th, the best Japanese Sommelier Competition took place in Tokyo. This competition is organise by the Japan Sommelier Association (JSA) each 3 years.

The Japan Sommelier Association (JSA) introduced the "J.S.A. Sommelier Scholarship" program in 2011, with the aim of cultivating a new generation of young sommeliers in the country and provide them the proper support. 

On the first day, in the quarterfinals, sommeliers had five tables surrounding them, challenging them with different themes (meeting; red wine list; cooking and red wine pair , purchasing judgment and arranging activities). The competition was quite tough. 

On the final day, the 8th best Japanese Sommelier was awarded: 岩田渉 (Mr. Iwata).  

Wines of Chile sponsor the event and award Iwata San with a trip to Chile. He took the plane 1 week after winning the contest and he is now in our country enjoying his first destination as the best Sommelier of Japan for upcoming 3 years! 

Congratulations to Iwata San.