Chilean wine reaches a perfect 100 points

For the first time in history, a Chilean wine was awarded 100 points.

It is a number that every wine producer is aiming for, the rarely awarded 100 points by a wine critic.  A Chilean wine, Viñedo Chadwick by Errazuriz, reached this esteemed position as it scored 100 points from wine critic James Suckling recently.

Viñedo Chadwick is a red blend from one of Chile’s most famous wine regions, Puente Alto in Maipo. With 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine showcases one of the most important red varieties for the country.

This is the first wine from Chile to reach the perfect point score and is a sign of the increasing recognition for the world-class quality of Chilean wine.

“It is of great pride for our vineyard to achieve this great recognition for our wine, and for Chile,” said President of Viñedo Chadwick, Eduardo Chadwick. “I want to take this opportunity to thank our whole team for their work and great commitment to quality over all these years.”

James Suckling was the Editor of Wine Spectator for three decades and now has his own website where he independently scores wines. He frequently travels to Chile in order to keep on top of the exciting wine scene developing here: “The diversity and excellence in Chilean winemaking is so impressive and the trend seems to be growing every trip we make to the country,” write Suckling in a recent report. “The array and uniqueness of winemaking areas in Chile is equally inspiring, whether producing  pinot noir and syrah in the appellations of Aconcagua Costa, Casablanca and San Antonio, cabernet sauvignon and carmenere in Valle de Maipo or carignan and país in Valle de Maule or even Malbec in Malleco.”

In recent years Chile has had many of its fine wines awarded over 90 points, however this is the first to reach 100 points and a landmark for the country.

About the perfect score, Suckling says: “Perhaps a sign of Chile truly coming of age is the 100-point rating in this report of the pure cabernet sauvignon 2014 Viñedo Chadwick. This is a wine that defines the greatness of Chile with a purity, structure and finesse that competes with the best reds of the world. And its pedigree is second to none with vineyards next door in the Valle de Maipo to the highly regarded Almaviva and Concha y Toro Don Melchor.”

Congratulations to Viñedo Chadwick, and hopefully a number of other Chilean wineries will join the ranks of perfect pointers soon.

By Amanda Barnes