Chilean wine certified worker becomes the number 100,000 evaluated

With the purpose of commemorating the eight years of operation and the 100,000 workers assessed to date by the national system of certification of labor competencies, the Last 30th of January an event was held, attended by the highest representatives of the Workers Central Unit,  Production and Trade Confederacy, Training and Employment service, SENCE, Asnadis, ChileValora, among others.

With the public recognition to the evaluated number 100,000, we wanted to distinguish all the people who throughout the country and through this system have achieved recognition of their skills, knowledge and attitudes, obtaining a certificate granted by the Estado de Chile and Certificat-Vino LTDA, which guarantees the experience and career trajectory, no matter how it acquired the trade. This is how Marianela Fuentes Rojas, evaluated in the planter profile by the Centro certificat-Vino Ltda., received the award on behalf of all Chilean workers.