Enjoy the Harvest with us!

Our wine valleys are bursting with harvest activity and this is one of the best times to come and visit Chile's wine lands and enjoy all the action!

Harvest festivals are a great opportunity to show our passion for wine. Each valley prepares to celebrante the harvest and taste excellent wines accompanied by top gastronomy and the most attractive traditions of each region. Come and join in the harvest festivals this Autumn in Chile, and get a taste of our unforgettable Vendimia:


Casablanca: 9-10 April

A big celebration in the Plaza de Armas in the centre of Casablanca town. Each vineyard brings their wine for tasting, and there is a special bar dedicated to sparkling wine from the valley paired with local ceviche. As well as music and festivities there is also a special wine shop with discounted wines from the region.

Vendimia Peralillo 9-10 April

Wine tasting, local cuisine, handicrafts and performances all day long make this celebration in the Municipal Park in Peralillo a very popular harvest celebration.

Fiesta en Molina 9-13 April

This outdoor party has a big food fair from local gourmet producers and while you drink wine and delight on the local cuisine you can enjoy a lively show with local and international performers. This is one of the longest harvest festivals in Chile, starting on the 9th and carrying on through the the 13th! Entrance is free so that everyone can take part!