Bringing Chilean huasos to Chegdu, China!

At this year's wine fair in Chengdu, Chile didn't just bring its wines but a bit of culture too!

At this year's wine fair in Chengdu, China, twenty seven wineries came out to represent the country's wine industry in one of Chile's most important growing markets - Asia.

The wineries brought more than just their delicious wines this year though, as Wines of Chile spiced up the fair with a bit of Chilean culture and dancing huasos! Alamiro González, a Chilean from San Fernando who has been living in Peking for ten years, led the crowd into a traditional cuenca, sharing Chilean culture on the other side of the world.

On the evening of the 24 March, there was another taste of Chilean culture as Wines of Chile and the attending wineries threw a big Chilean dinner party. It was a more relaxed opportunity for their Asian clients to get to learn more about Chilean culture as well as its food and, of course, its wine pairings.

During the days at the fair, the wineries were busy networking with clients and distributors and Wines of Chile's Asia Director Julio Alonso was interviewed by LETV for their new Wine Channel.