Think TED, Drink Chile. (15-19 Feb)

Wines of Chile have been invited to the Vancouver TED Conference 2016 to take an interactive workshop on the country's wine industry and innovative, sustainable practices.

The TED conferences are known as one of the most innovative and thought-provoking brands and series of seminars in the world; and Chile's innovative wine industry will be one of the topics in focus at this year's 2016 Vancouver TED conference. Through an interactive workshop hosted during the conference, and subsequently throughout the following events, Wines of Chile will educate on their use of innovative, sustainable practices in wine making in line with the conference's key theme: 'Dream'.

Throughout the conference (15-19 February), ten Chilean wineries are presenting at TED along with tasting and education stations led by wine experts from Chile, and the aim is to get individuals thinking about how sustainable practices, if used on a global scale, could positively impact our planet.

At the first of three education stations set up at the conference, Wines of Chile will provide an overview of their vision in regards to sustainable practices in the wine industry. This station will educate guests on the rigorous process each winery must go through in order to become certified sustainable in Chile. Highlighting the benefits of sustainable practices, attendees will learn why having sustainable wineries worldwide, would truly be a dream and how the code used in Chile could be used as a model for other regions not currently using sustainable practices.

At the second and third education stations attendees will learn about the new heights, literally, that Chilean winemakers are going to in order to perfect their blends. These stations will allow attendees to take a hands-on approach as they learn about terroir and have the opportunity to touch the dream soils for different grape varieties to grow in. Patrons will also be given the opportunity to “be the winemaker” as they blend wine varieties and experience first hand how different grapes, when combined, can change any combination of the taste, aroma, look and feel of the wine.

"Chile's wines are in a revolution of creativity and innovation... this is why Wines of Chile wanted to associate with TED, a leader in ideas that reflect our vision of how to do things," says WOC Director Claudio Cilveti. "Chile is the first country that is taking the culture of wine to a platform of this type, and I feel we share visions of how to do things leading ideas and taking them to a word where everything happens very quickly and the future is upon us... TED and WOC have a lot to share together."

By Amanda Barnes