Directory change in Wines of Chile

The Chilean Wine Directory made a luncheon of recognition to Mr. René Araneda, director of the association who leaves his post after more than 10 years, period in which he was also president of our institution Between the years 2011 and 2015. In addition, he was the forerunner of countless projects such as:

• Defense of wine in tax reform

• Win the trial of safeguards in Brazil.

• Re-establishing the R & D project and making it sustainable.

• Promote sustainability certification.

• Home campaign to increase internal consumption.

• Promoter of the tourism project Chile

• To regulate the use of legitimate water.

• Obtain simplified VI-1 approval for the EU.

• New geographical indications.

• Drive home APEC certified process.

• Boost sparkling.

His position will be occupied by Mr. Pedro Herane, general manager of Viña San Pedro, from January 2018.