Celebrating Chilean Sauvignon Blanc & the sea!

As Casablanca celebrated Sauvignon Blanc in a beach-front event, we take a look at some delicious Sauvignon Blanc pairings!

A warm summer's day, a salty coastal breeze, and a glass of fresh Sauvignon Blanc - sounds like a perfect pairing, right? Last week the Casablanca Valley celebrated their latest range of Sauvignon Blanc wines from the 2015 harvest with an afternoon tasting on the seafront in Valparaiso.

Journalists and wine lovers got together to taste the fruits of last year's harvest and there were some tasty food pairings to bring each wine to life. In case you missed it, here are some delicious Chilean food pairings to match with your Chilean Sauvignon Blanc at home!

Machas a la parmesana

A quintessentially Chilean dish, machas are the local clams you'll find all along the coast. A light pink colour with a slightly sweet taste and slightly chewy texture, the Chilean way to serve them is lightly grilled with parmesan cheese over the top. The salty parmesan and sweet clams are perfect with a chilled young Sauvignon Blanc from the coastal regions.

Empanada de camarones

Noone makes empanadas quite like the Chileans - fried and fluffy, Chilean empanadas a notoriously huge and packed full with stuffings! One empanada will sate anyone's appetite, but you might be tempted to go for more when you try the local prawn empanadas. With tender small prawns and a creamy melted cheese, wrapped up in a crisp and fluffy pastry, these need to be paired with a very vibrant coastal Sauvignon Blanc that has good concentration and acidity to stand up to the bold textures and flavours of this rich and indulgent pairing.


A national dish, ceviche is a refreshing fish dish made by marinading the freshest local catch in lime juice and serving with red onion, coriander, chilli pepper and avocado occassionally. Herbal and citrus-sy, you'll want to pair this flavour bomb with an equally aromatic Sauvignon Blanc. The ceviche delivers a lot of acidity so you can even try some of the more mellow and round Sauvignon Blancs from the Entre Cordilleras regions for this pairing.

By Amanda Barnes

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