Ideal conditions for a world class wine

A vast diversity of terrains result in an excellent variety of wines, achieving high quality in all its expressions.

Creating an exquisite wine to enjoy, of unique flavours and with one of the best standards in the world, is something that Chile can do with ease. The varied geography, the excellent climatic conditions and the ideal soils make a world class producer of fine wines. The majority of the vineyards stretch between Elqui Valley in the North, down to Malleco in the South, and from the folds of the Andes in the East to the coastal hillsides of the Pacific in the West. Although new viticulture zones are constantly being discovered and explored. The result is a vast diversity of terrains that produce excellent wines in different styles.

Despite the North-South orientation, the wine regions in Chile show a greater diversity from East to West, according to their proximity to the Andes or the Ocean. Elegant red wines have grown for a long time in the eastern pre-Andean sectors where the bright sun during the day, and the cool mountain breeze at night help to create a wide range of temperatures between the day and night.

The grapes that grow in the plains benefit from more uniform temperatures and richer soils, while the vineyards in the west receive more of the Pacific influence with colder conditions and morning fogs that create the ideal conditions for exquisite whites and reds filled with freshness.