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Malleco Valley
Pronunciation Guide: mah-YAY-ko (Valley); Southern Region (D.O.)


Denomination of Origin: Malleco
Region: Southern Regions  Sub-Region: Malleco
Complementary Areas: Entre-Cordilleras, Andes

Located 640 km (400 mi) south of Santiago, Malleco is currently Chile’s southernmost appellation, although experimental vineyards have been planted much further south in Osorno. The area has proven exceptional for Chardonnay and experimentation with Pinot Noir proves promising, although high rainfall and a shorter growing season make the area risky for most other varieties.

Modified Mediterranean climate. 1300 mm (51.2 in) of rain per year.

Soils: Alluvial soils, clay and sand.

Terrific Results: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Hectares Planted

Sauvignon Blanc

3 ha (7 acres)


3 ha (7 acres)

Pinot Noir

4 ha (10 acres)


1 ha (2 acres)


Total Hectares planted: 11 ha (27 acres)


Malleco Valley