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Casablanca Valley
Pronunciation Guide: ka-sa-BLAHN-ka (Valley); ah-kohn-KA-gwa (D.O.)


Denomination of Origin: CASABLANCA
Region: Aconcagua  Sub-Region: Casablanca
Complementary Area: Costa

Located 75 km (47 mi) northwest of Santiago, the Casablanca Valley was first planted to vine in the mid-1980s. It quickly turned a page in Chile’s winemaking history. Chile’s first cool-climate coastal region soon turned out crisp, fresh wines that caught the world’s attention, and Chile’s search for new terroirs was on.

Cool Mediterranean climate with pronounced maritime influence. 540 mm (21.2 in) of rain per year.

Soils: clay and sandy soils.

Terrific results: Proximity to the ocean creates cool foggy mornings ideal for top quality Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.

Hectares Planted


391 ha (966 acres)


112 ha (277 acres)

Sauvignon Blanc

1,950 ha (4819 acres)


2,269 ha (5607 acres)

Pinot Noir

723 ha (1787 acres)

Malbec / Cot

6 ha (15 acres)


65 ha (161 acres)


33 ha (82 acres)

Cabernet Franc

13 ha (32 acres)


49 ha (121 acres)

Pinot Gris

34 ha (84 acres)


Total Hectares planted: 1429 ha (3531 acres)


Casablanca Valley