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Ana María Barahona


Ana Maria is a journalist graduated from the Universidad Católica and has studies in the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. Anita is the Publishing Director of La CAV magazine, President of its Tasting Panel, Teacher at the Chilean Sommelier School and the author of Woman & Wine Guide. She has also written articles for important domestic and international media such as Paula, Qué Pasa, Placeres, El Mercurio, Joy (Argentina), Gatopardo (Colombia), Wine Business (Germany) and Wine Press (China).


Deby Beard


Considered an icon in the wine scene in Mexico, Deby is in charge of more than 150 tastings and she writes articles for newspapers, specialized media and lifestyle magazines such as SaboreArte, El Conocedor, Mi Vino and Soy Chef. As a reference in the communications world her radio show has the highest ratings in the country with more than 2 million listeners and her blog gets 15.000 visits a week.


Éric Bertoldi


A sommelier by training and a graduate of the CIVB (Bordeaux Wine Council), Eric has been employed by the SAQ since 2000. As a product expert for the company, he serves as one of its leading tasters, as a member of the product selection committee, as a taste expert for wines in the retail system, and as a writer who promotes products on the corporate website.


Carlos Cabral


Founder of the SBAV (Brazilian Society of Fiends of Wine) and currently the wine consultant for Pan de Azucar Group, Carlos is in charge of label selection and takes part as a collaborator in specialized media such as Adega and Prazeres da Mesa. He is also the author of 5 wine related books. Because of his important role in the wine world, Carlos has won important recognitions such as the Wine Personality of the Year – Vitis Trophy of the Brazilian Association of Enology in 2003 and Wine Personality for Prazeres da Mesa in 2011.


Alejandro Jiménez


Alejandro started writing about wine in the nineties. In this period he served as Editor of the culture part of “La Época” newspaper. In 1996 he helped to found and then in 1999 he become its Editor. He also collaborated with different magazines such as Gourmand and Qué Pasa, La Tercera newspaper and web from New York Times related with wines. Since 2007 Alejandro is the Editor of Wain Magazine. He has participated as a judge in several competitions including Vinitaly, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Baccus in Spain and Catad`Or in Chile and Argentina.


Jorge Lucki


Jorge is a founder-member and has occupied several posts on the Board of Directors of the ABS (Brazilian Association of Sommeliers) and the SBAV (Brazilian Society of Friends of Wine).

Jorge is one of the most important wine experts in Brazil and is the consultant responsible for the philosophy and programming of Expovinis, Brazil’s most important wine fair.

He works as a columnist for different specialized publications such as Prazeres da Meza and Valor Econômico. His performance in the wine sector in Brazil also includes a daily commentary on wines live on CBN radio broadcast in Brazil and abroad.


Eduardo Milan


Eduardo Milan is a lawyer and has been studying wine since 1998. After concluding the sommelier course at the “SBAV- Sociedade Brasileira de Amigos do Vinho”, he continued his studies at the “Wine Spirit Education Trust –WSET” up to the advanced level, graduating with distinction in all stages. Eduardo is wine editor and tasting staff member of “Revista ADEGA”, the largest wine specialized publication in Brazil, and also of “Almanaque do Vinho”, whose focus is to educate new wine enthusiasts. He participated in the 2011/2012 edition of “Guia ADEGA Vinhos do Brasil”, as taster, and in the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 editions, as taster and supervisor. He is also a tasting staff member of the Argentinean side of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of Patricio Tapia’s wine guide “Descorchados”.


Carolyn O´Grady-Gold


As Director of Wines at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), the world’s largest purchaser of beverage alcohol, Carolyn is responsible for $1.244 billion in net sales from a network of 620 retail stores. Her job is to accurately predict worldwide wine trends as well as the buying patterns of the LCBO’s 13 million customers.


Marcelo Pino


Mejor Sommelier de Chile 2011

He becomes a Chef and Sommelier, working at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Santiago, where proving his culinary dexterities. He is currently Casa Silva’s Ambassador Sommelier, and teaches at the Chilean Sommelier School, where his specialty is water. Later that year, in October, Marcelo won the title of Chile’s best sommelier, representing our country in the 2012 Pan-American Competitions, held in Brazil, being ranked 8th in the Continent according to the ASI. Marcelo will also be representing Chile in the upcoming Worldwide Sommelier Competition, which takes place later this year in Japan. At the beginning of 2012, Marcelo went on a 6 month trip to England, where he worked and studied alongside Gerard Basset, the world’s leading sommelier, completing an internship at The Fat Duck Restaurant.



Pedro Poncelis


Currently Pedro is preparing for the Master Sommelier Exam at the Court of Master Sommeliers. His outstanding path into wine has led him to gain the prize of The Best Sommelier of Mexico in 2000 and in the same year he represented to his country in the Worldwide Sommelier Competition held in Montreal. Pedro takes part as a judge in important wine and food contests in countries such as México, USA and Spain. Presently he is Director of “Cepage”, his very own company where he promotes the wine culture through seminars and tastings.


Stephen Schiedel


Since 2004 Stephen has been the Portfolio Manager for Wines of the Americas at the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch. This involves buying wines and supporting the marketing programs for 197 BC Liquor Stores. Judging stints include USA, Canadá and now Chile.


Víctor Manuel Vargas


Victor is an important journalist specialized in wines. He is the Editor in Chief of the Sunday edition of “El Tiempo de Bogotá” newspaper, which is the most important and with the highest circulation in the entire of Colombia. He is currently preparing and studying for the “Wine & Spirit Education Trust”.