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The Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWoCA) is the Chilean wine industry’s single most important event of the year. Nine top judges from Chile´s main export markets plus 3 top judges from Chile will gather in Santiago during a week in November 2014 to taste and judge our country’s finest wines.

Guest judges will have the unique opportunity of tasting Chile’s broad range of diverse varieties, styles, and terroirs: from the dry north to the colder, wetter south, and from the steep Andean hillsides, to the cool Pacific coast.
We intend for each judge to leave with a better understanding of how Chile’s vast geographic diversity imprints itself on its wines.

This year, the event will be preceded by 9 judges from America, specifically Canada, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

The 11th “Annual Wines of Chile Awards” will take place in Santiago de Chile, during the last week of November 2013. We expect more than 95 wineries and over 650 wines to participate of this wine challenge, each hoping to excel in one of the 13 different categories. The event consists of three activities executed over a 4 day period: First, a blind tasting of chilean wines, followed by a seminar were each judge has the opportunity to share and express their individual impression, both of the individual wines, as well as of the overall category. The last activity is a Gala were the industry gathers and where the results and recognitions are awarded.



Mexico get the scoop on Chilean wine with Deby Beard

December th, 2013

After a week’s visit to Chile to judge the Annual Wines of Chile Awards, one of Mexico’s most influential wine journalists Deby Beard returned to give Mexico the scoop on what makes Chilean wine taste so good. Broadcasting in Red FM, Deby spoke about the awards event and tasting hundreds of wines to pick the […]

Annual Seminar: A Key Insight into Asia

January nd, 2013

Asia as a continent holds a lot of mystery and for a winemaker in the provincial vineyards of Chile it can seem more than a world away. This year’s Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWOCA) Seminar offered a unique insight into the captivating and unfamiliar world of Asian wine consumption to help those in the […]