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The Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWoCA) are the Chilean wine industry’s most important event of the year. This year we will host an American Top Judging Panel, including representatives from Canada, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. As well as this, and true to tradition, we will also be joined by three important jugdes from Chile. We are delighted to boast an outstanding group of international journalists, sommeliers, and wine industry experts to judge this year’s AWoCA.

The program will take place between Saturday, November 23rd and Friday, November 29th, 2013. The judges will taste more than 650 wines from more than 95 wineries and almost every wine region. This vast array of participants, will provide the judges with a broad overview of the diverse varieties and styles of fine Chilean wines. To conclude the judging sessions, a seminar will be held for members of the Chilean wine trade, including export managers, winery owners and winemakers. The seminar will be aimed at providing all attendees with valuable insights and feedback on how to succeed in competitive world markets. The grand finale, of course, will be the Awards Gala Ceremony, where the entire industry will assemble to celebrate this year’s winners.