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Chilean delicacies promoted in United States

Chile’s bountiful natural resources and delicacies are gaining fame in United States thanks to clever culinary ambassadors and an innovative promotional program.

Wines of Chile was featured on the Times Square jumbotron as part of the “Foods from Chile” campaign

The “Foods from Chile” campaign was launched in five US cities on November 15, introducing consumers in the northern hemisphere to Chilean luxuries such as merkén – an indigenous Mapuche spice made from dried and ground “cacho de cabra” peppers – avocados, and salmon, among many other luscious products exported by Chile.
Meanwhile, entrepreneurs like Mauricio Banchieri of Puro Chile in New York City are importing and selling luxury Chilean goods, expressing Chile’s culture through its commercial and agricultural products – including wine.

According to Newsweek Magazine, Banchieri and other Chilean importers are engaging in “retail diplomacy,” attracting United States consumers through Chile’s distinct and appealing cultural nuances, and providing a sensory opportunity to journey across hemispheres without leaving the United States.

“Diplomacy lives or dies by human contact, of course,” writes Newsweek author Amy Finnerty, “and Puro Chile has hosted more than 80 events in the past two years.

“On a given evening there, one might encounter Chilean diplomats sipping sparkling rosé with American journalists; a Chilean entrepreneur selling her fruit-based cosmeceuticals; or a scale replica of the rescue cylinder that lifted the Chilean miners to sunlight in 2010.”

Offering one of the best selections of Chilean wines in United States, Puro Chile is a marketing asset for Wines of Chile, especially throughout the busy December shopping season, when wine spreads holiday cheer and makes an ideal gift.

The same concept is driving ProChile’s new “Foods from Chile” campaign.

A press release for the program explains, “The U.S. enjoys literally tons of Chilean foods. The campaign highlights the nutritious food that’s already on fruit stands, at the seafood counter, on shelves, in wine stores, in homes and on America’s plates.

“The objective of the campaign is to let Americans in on this secret—that it’s Chile’s pristine land, waters, rich soil and extraordinary climate that bring forth these bountiful, healthful foods.”

"Foods from Chile"

And Chilean food clearly pairs best with Chilean wine.

Together with campaign partner Fundación Chile, ProChile provided hosts and venues with all of the Chilean ingredients and wine to prepare and throw amazing gourmet dinner parties prepared by top chefs for guests and bloggers in the five cities – New York, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Wines of Chile was present to educate attendees at the campaign launches in New York and Washington DC about Chilean wine, and the following wines were served at the various dinners, paired according to featured menus:

Veramonte Ritual Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Emiliana Novas Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Ventisquero Quelat Pinot Noir 2011
MontGras Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Ventisquero Quelat Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Kingston Family Tobiano Pinot Noir 2009

“See, South America is the supermarket of the world,” Matias Palomo, a Chilean chef who participated in the program, told VOXXI’s Fernanda Beccaglia. “And not only that, but we think green, we care about how we grow our food and the environment.”

“Foods From Chile” is spreading cultural, agricultural and nutritional awareness about Chile through a variety of social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the campaign’s website, which highlights mouthwatering recipes and retail outlets for Chilean food and wine, along with a food calendar showing Chile’s prime months of production and export.

The ultimate goal of the program is to inspire consumers to form an emotional connection to Chilean food and wine, and to understand the nutritional benefits of purchasing Chilean agricultural products, which complement United States’ own food production with an opposite growing season.

Emphasizing a healthy Mediterranean diet of fruits, vegetables, seafood, red wine, nuts and olive oil, “Foods From Chile” expresses the country’s national identity and culture as a gastronomic emissary through experiential tastings, shows, live streaming video from Chile’s vineyards, blogger outreach, and colorful social media inspiration.

So far, the program has recorded a significant media impact, generating 63,537,151 media impressions with press releases, newspaper and blog articles and Tweets, as of December 18, 2012.

“We are a power in the quality and variety of what we produce and this campaign is made to stress these attributes,” says Fundación Chile’s Executive Director Blas Tomic, according to

Retailers and promoters bring a taste of Chile to United States

The terroir that is evident in Chilean wine also nurtures Chile’s other delicious products, and Chile’s rich heritage and natural resources are being disseminated in a mouthwatering message by “Foods From Chile” and retailers like Puro Chile, where – as Newsweek says – “shopkeepers are unofficial ambassadors and border-crossing requires no passport, just a credit card.”

For more information about the “Foods From Chile” campaign, follow your taste buds to the program’s website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (@foodsfromchile, hashtag #NowInSeason).

Bon appétit!

Retailers and promoters bring a taste of Chile to United States"Foods from Chile"Wines of Chile was featured on the Times Square jumbotron as part of the “Foods from Chile” campaign

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