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Puro Chile Opens its Doors in NYC

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was on hand to inaugurate the new concept store
in Manhattan this week. Just as its name suggests, the space will be used to promote “Brand Chile” through an ample selection of the country’s emblematic products and services, particularly gourmet food items and tourism.

President Michelle Bachelet at the opening of Puro Chile in NYC

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet at the opening of Puro Chile in NYC (Chilean Ambasador to the US Jose Goñi in the background)

Wine will also be a focal point in the venture, and Puro Wine a wine shop portion of the project dedicated exclusively to Chilean wine will open in November to offer Manhattanites fine wines from more than 50 national wineries.

Wines of Chile will have its New York offices in the Puro Chile facility. Lori Tieszen, Wines of Chile’s US Director, commented that “We are thrilled to support this exciting showroom that celebrates the best of Chile in wine, gourmet food, and travel.”

Juan Somavía (Wines of Chile Directing Manager), Mauricio Banchieri (CEO, Puro Chile), Lori Tieszen (Executive Director, Wines of Chile USA), Juan Gabriel Valdes (Executive Director, Fundación Imagen de Chile)

Wine has long been considered one of Chile’s finest ambassadors. “The connection between wine and the country’s image is undeniable,” said Wines of Chile Managing Director Juan Somavía, who also attended the event. “Puro Chile will undoubtedly be a sounding board for the image of quality of our wines.”

Somavía went on to stress the importance of this space dedicated to promoting Chile in the US. “It reinforces the efforts and strategies we have laid out for the American market and will increase opportunities for Chilean industries to compete in the northern hemisphere.”

Tulio Vera (Puro Chile Board President ), Mauricio Banchieri, Chilean actress Leonor Varela, Juan Somavía, René Merino (President, Vinos de Chile)

Having the Wines of Chile offices located in the same building will allow for better planning, execution, and monitoring of promotional programs and intelligence designed to augment the competitiveness of Chilean wine in this important market. This project has been made been made possible with significant funding from the Innova-Corfo Business Platforms for Innovation program.

CORFO (Chile’s Economic Development Agency) has become a primary strategic partner in this initiative for its decisive support in its development,” said Somavía. “Having a physical presence in New York will facilitate the entrance and distribution of Chilean wine through more and better market intelligence as well as an improved operational capacity that will significantly increase the resources for promotion and market analysis. Our presence in the US and in Puro Chile is an important aspect of the way we approach our primary market strategies.”

Wines of Chile aims to increase the means and strategies used for placing Chilean wine in the US market and raising the image of the “Wine of Chile” category and better position it with North American importers, distributors, press, on-trade, and consumers.

Check out what the Walman Report had to say about Puro Chile:
Puro Chile, Pure Culture Wine, Food, Design + Travel Emporium opens in Manhattan

For more information on Puro Chile and its activities, see its web site:

Or contact them directly at:

logo-puro-chilePuro Chile
221 Centre St.
New York, NY 10013
(212) 217-9362

puro-chile-0909_16942puro-chile-0909_16941puro-chile-0909_18531logo-puro-chilepuro-chile-0909_1694puro-chile-0909_1853puro-chile-0909_1798President Michelle Bachelet at the opening of Puro Chile in NYCPresident Bachelet launches Puro Chile

4 Responses to “Puro Chile Opens its Doors in NYC”

  1. Benny Patton says:

    Hi,I found you web site while searching Chile Wines about your president, Mrs Bachele Manhatton Store opening and I hope successful.I’ve had your wines before and been recommended to try your recent reds.I will try Autoritus Shiraz from Marks and Spencers.Ever thought of coming to Glasgow, Scotland? Sincerely Benny Patton Troon

  2. Editor says:

    Hi Benny-
    As you probably know, Chile has long been known for great Cabernet, but our Carmenere, Syrah (Shiraz), and Pinot Noir tend to bowl people over too… And don’t overlook the new line-up of cool climate whites!
    FYI: We do have a UK office in London that could tell you about plans for events in Glasgow. You can find their contact information at:

  3. bill says:

    trying to find a wholesale supplier for veo grande cab 08 in new york state usa

    • Editor says:

      Hi Bill-
      I checked with the folks at Puro Chile and they said they have not been able to locate any VEO wines through companies listed in Beverage Media. It’s possible that they are represented by a very small distribution company, or that they are not yet available in New York. They suggest you try contacting the export office for the winery itself in Chile.
      Good luck!

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